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The Things You Can Learn When You Sit Down With 400+ Men

I spent two and a half years interviewing men from all ages and walks of life asking them to divulge their innermost secrets about the women they’ve loved. I pulled back the curtain on the untold side of the relationship story and revealed – his side.

I heard everything from lifelong secrets, funny snafus, lovers that got away, and the real reason men love to have sex. I discovered why men feel lonely and what actually drives them to cheat.

I learned why men work so hard at their careers and not so much (seemingly) at their relationships. I uncovered all of this and so much more! 

What You’ll Discover From Confessions of 400 Men

  • Learn how men prefer to connect with women
  • Discover how and why men cheat
  • Find out why men do what they do
  •  Learn the truth about how men feel about sex
  • Finally understand how lonely men are and the connection between their silence and their feelings
  • Understand why he doesn’t want to tell you how he feels or talk about his emotions
  • Find out how men like to be supported and, from his perspective, what’s the nicest thing a woman can do for the man she loves

“The guy who actually wants to be in a relationship is worried that the perfect woman will come along and he won’t be ready.” Steve- 48 year-old divorced African American transportation owner from the Midwest

“Your first impression is always spot on. If he smells like a douche bag then he’s probably a douche bag and you should run.” Ted- 39 year-old single Caucasian contractor from Flint, Michigan

“Most of the time we feel inadequate to women.” John- 40 year-old married Caucasian mechanic from West Virginia

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"I never would've expected a woman to write a book that so effectively delves into the hearts and minds of men, but Heidi Doheny does an exceptional job of illuminating the male psyche. Her book offers practical, insightful suggestions for women to learn to better relate to the men in their lives - and men to learn to better express themselves. It is a must-read for anyone looking to bridge the gender divide, find the love they seek, and retain it for a lifetime!"

Daralyse Lyons- memoirist and critically-acclaimed author of over 20 novels

She has appeared on numerous podcasts and radio shows and her guest appearance on Hal Spielman’s Suddenly Solo radio show was featured in his segment: Interesting People Doing Interesting Things. She is a former monthly TV host for Digital Romance TV, which has over 2 million followers and her videos typically receive 10-15K views.

Heidi also writes for Consumer Health Digest Magazine and continues to receive messages from readers and viewers alike regarding men, women, relationships, and sex. 

Through her conversations with over 400 men of all ages and backgrounds, Heidi Doheny discovered the untold side of the relationship story. Confessions of 400 Men, a book about men for men and the women who love them, explores what men have to say about life, relationships, love, and sex, when one woman cared enough to ask.

Heidi is a former columnist for the online newspaper, The Boca Raton Tribune, and her short stories have been published in New Voices: Poems, Stories and Essays from The Denim Poets Society 2010and The Third Kingdom: New Writings From the Animal World 2014. 

Heidi was born outside of Philadelphia, PA and discovered her love of writing while living in upstate NY. She has a degree in Psychology and holds a Master’s degree from Syracuse University.

She is based out of Philadelphia, PA and when she’s not writing, she enjoys taking ballet class, staying healthy and adoring her rescued Blue Nose Pit bull, Lola Falana.


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